Our Wheat Straw Combs are:-


.Environmentally Friendly

.Flexible/Long Lasting

.No Chips, Rusting or Colour Fading

.Child Friendly

.Perfect For Natural Hair

.Holds Product

.Shower Friendly

Deluxe Dip & slick Wheat Straw Comb

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Our Dip & Slick Wheat Straw Comb is perfect for all hair textures. The Dip at the tip of the handle allows you to scoop up product instead of digging your fingertips directly into your hair moisturisers & creams. Its flexibility allows you to have years of usage which is a great investment. Our Combs made out of Wheat Straw, which is the left over's once the wheat has been harvested are Environmentally Friendly & Natural Hair Friendly, with no chipping, rusting or colour fading.