Our satin Bonnets are the perfect, must have item for all my Natual Ladies. With Or Without Braids. This bonnets helps to maintain moisture, keeps hair silky soft & Is Washable on a 30 Degree Heat.


.Child Friendly

.Has Tightening Strap

Satin Head Bonnets

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Colour: Turquoise
  • Our Satin Heads Bonnets can adjust to fit all sizes by using the tightening strap which will be found at the back of the head bonnet. Child & Travel friendly. You can wash your Satin Head Bonnets on a 30 degree wash. When hand-washing your satin Head Bonnets, use a spray bottle filled with water & white vinegar. Spray directly on the areas with product build-up, rub in then place Bonnet in warm water, add shampoo and scrub till clean. Leave to air dry.